What the Kids Say

What Children Really Think of Supply Teachers

Sophie and Taylor - Year 6 girls:
    "Its important that a supply teacher has their own sets of rules, and sticks to them.  Especially about what happens during the day.  Sometimes the class makes it up - and the supply teacher doesn't know what is happening so its all just a nightmare.  We'd rather the supply teacher tells us what to do."
    "One time this supply teacher got cross because some of the boys were winding her up, so she made us all do work on bits of paper, and then she tore the paper up in-front of us.  We all hated her then, we thought ' what's the point'.  She doesn't get called back."
    "Don't have favourites - supply teachers have to be fair.  We hate it when a supply teacher gives all the good jobs out, and asks the same children to do stuff.  Its not fair if they decide who is good and bad right at the start 'cos it means that some people get ignored when they are being naughty and other people get blamed."
Mike - Year 5 boy:
    "I like it when a supply teacher does interesting stuff which I'm not expecting.  Mr Field does these 'brain break games' things all the time.  It stops kids getting bored, and makes sure everyone listens when they are supposed to.
Oliver - Year 6 boy:
    "Good supply teachers are calm and bouncy and don't shout much.  I hate teachers that shout all of the time.  There is this one supply teacher who shouts at everyone.  The only good thing is that he sets easy work.  We just wind him up instead of learning because its our way of beating him and getting back at him.  Then its funny when he shouts - we do it for a reaction!"
Eve, Sarah and James - Year 5 children:
    "We like it when supply teachers do mini-topics, the ones that last all day.  We like it when they set us doing the things we like that's fun  ( "Ed - do you mean when they make the learning interesting and fun?")  Yes, when its interesting and fun."
Lewis and Baily - Year 4 children:
    "We like supply teachers who are kind and helpful and come and give you help when you put your hand up. A bad supply teacher is a lazy one who just sits down at the desk all of the time."
Morgan - Year 4 girl:
    "Some supply  teachers do a lot of shouting and are really stressy.  I hate that. Im in top group and usually supply teachers dont give me work that is challenging enough.  I dont mind that sometimes, but not for a long time."
Will - Year 4 boy:
    "They've got to be not too strict, but not soft either.  Sometimes its like a nightmare if they are too soft.  As long as they are fair, thats right."
Morgen, Harvey and Annabelle - Year 4 children:
    "best thing is when they make a boring lesson like science interesting by doing differnt things.  They have to be patient and not just shout at you for putting your hand up for wanting help.  Good teachers are kind and helpful.  We all hate shouty stressy teachers."
Kate - Year 2 girl:
    "I like Mrs W (supply teacher) because she does lots of activities and we don't need to do much writing.  She is very kind and always helps people who are stuck or when I'm like a mummy and bring people to her who are crying.