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1000's Teachers resources! Ideal for NQT, supply or tutor

Ideal for NQTs and supply teachers

-£12.50 (free postage).

Plans not awaiting when you arrive for a supply job?

* Stuck for a suitable learning theme?

* Wish you could instantly find just the right visual or interactive resource?

* Last minute timetable changes leaving you without a prepared lesson ready?

 You are bidding on a brand new 8GB USB flash memory stick containing thousands of searchable resources from simple learning scaffolds to slide shows to flash-based teaching programs and games.

Because they are loaded directly onto this handy USB memory stick, you can use them instantly on any laptop or desktop computer.  The files are there ready to be found, printed or displayed without any need to download or install.



I have been a primary school teacher for 9 years.  In that time I have built up a library of useful resources that have either been found and downloaded from the internet, poached from colleagues or written by myself.  All of the files on this USB drive have either been downloaded from established teachers’ sites and are copyright free, are under Crown copyright, have been included with colleague’s permissions 

or have been created by myself. 

  • Over 2300 Literacy resources files.
  • Over 1200 Maths files.
  • Over 570 Science files.
  • Over 700 Foundation subject files.
  • 70+ Games and fillers.
  • 70+ Wall displays.

 Also over 340Mb of resources under the following headings:

  • Assemblies.
  • CPD resources.
  • Certificates.
  • ICT.
  • Non-subject resources.
  • Planning blanks.
  • Year 6 revision.
  • Subject leader files.
  • Supply teaching themed lesson ideas.


That’s 1.6GB of instantly usable teachers’ resources!

Of course, you also get a high quality branded 8GB USB drive.

Don’t forget, you can either keep the resources on the memory stick for use wherever and whenever you are near any PC - or copy the files onto your own PC then wipe the stick clean and use it as a standard large-capacity USB drive.

This really is an excellent collection of resources that I constantly refer to and use.  As a supply teacher in the past myself, I have found it especially useful in moments like these:

“Hello, you’re in year 6 today.  Sorry, I don’t think Miss Smith got round to leaving any plans. Register’s in 10 minutes.  Ok, here’s your room for the day…’  Argh…!

I wish I had collected these ideas when I was training (although, to be fair IWB’s were still a new thing back then) so I can wholly recommend the set to NQT’s and RQT’s as a base for their own collections.


All of this for £12.50 

What a bargain !

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