Teaching Plans

You've heard the saying - "fail to plan and plan to fail"..?  It's very true.  However, as a full-time class teacher the motto would be more like:
"fail to plan, cross reference, specify resources, future and previous learning links, differentiated IEP learning activities and use the specified planning pro-forma to be submitted a week in advance and copied to the relevant subject leaders, and you will plan to fail as and when and if OFSTED arrive. "

By wonderful good fortune, you are not a class teacher, you have made the sensible decision to be a supply teacher.  The plans you make needn't be onerous.  They should, in-fact, be made entirely for the benefit of the children you are teaching, and yourself - fancy that!
When you arrive at a school, you will either be given a set of comprehensive plans and resources, a vague notion of a possible intended learning outcome or be given no direction at all. The following pages will tell you how to proceed in each of these situations.
As a general rule of thumb, you should turn up to an assignment with a collection of ideas that you can instantly delve into and use. Most supply teachers carry a file of photocopyable resources and plans.  You will find a set of ideas for your supply file here.  Furthermore, you can also purchase my own supply resources - on USB drive here.