An Exciting Alternative to Being a Class Teacher.

Supply teaching is a vibrant and exciting alternative to contract teaching. Being a supply teacher gives you far more scope to explore the reasons you wanted to become a teacher in the first place! You are faced with genuinely different challenges and situations every day and you are invigorated by it. Your focus, between the hours of 830am and 330pm, is the children in your class. After you have marked the books and tidied up - you are free to go, that's it. Really! 
As a supply teacher you are an independent freelancer. You are your own boss and are free to make your own decisions about when, where and how you work.

Supply teaching really is massively underrated career choice for qualified teachers who want a break from the associated administrative nonsense permanent staff are required to plough through; it is fantastic for anyone who wants a genuinely better work-life balance and for teaching mums and dads it is ideal.

This website is intended to celebrate supply teaching and to provide some insight to those of you out there who are considering embarking on this career path.

It is also intended to be a place where we can all share good practise, hints, tips and the indispensable knowledge that can turn your dreams of (relatively) stress-free teaching into reality.

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A grass-roots supply teaching blogspot by an active Primary supply teacher in Southampton which combines the unlikely topics of supply teaching with progressive rock. Here you will find an ongoing 'Diary of a Surviving Supply Teacher' and a variety of lists/ timelines/ articles on progressive rock.

It's Monday morning at 7.27am, a new adventure begins...

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